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Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day


Wedding attire

Planning for a Paris elopement requires attention to detail, and preparing the wedding attire is a crucial aspect. Here's a checklist to guide couples on how to prepare for their elopement:

4-6 Months Before the Elopement:

Bridal Gown and Suit Selection:
alize the choice of wedding attire, considering the climate and location in Paris.
Place the order for the gown and suit to allow time for production and shipping.

Alterations (this part is necessary):
Schedule appointments with a tailor for any necessary alterations to ensure a perfect fit.
Communicate specific design preferences or modifications to the tailor.

Choose and purchase bridal accessories such as veils, hair piece, and jewelry.
Select appropriate accessories for the groom, including ties, cufflinks, and pocket squares.


2 Months Before the Elopement:

Shoe Shopping:
Order formal shoes for the groom. Break in. Walk around, climb steps, and try other activities. That's how there are no difficulties and no blisters during the wedding day.

Get white sneakers for the bride. And fashion heels. Do not skip this step with white sneakers, we sometimes walk 3-4k steps during elopement photoshoots and heels might ruin the experience. Even the most comfy ones. We use heels for photos only, but brides wear sneakers between the locations.

Acquire the necessary undergarments for the wedding attire.
Ensure that undergarments complement the style of the gown and suit.

Schedule additional fittings to confirm that alterations are progressing as plann



Order your vow books on Amazon or Etsy.



Order your artificial bouquet online.

1 Month Before the Elopement:

Breaking In Shoes:
Begin wearing the wedding shoes around the house to break them in and avoid discomfort on the wedding day.
Ensure that the groom has had sufficient time to get used to his shoes.

Steam or Press Attire:
Arrange for professional steaming or pressing of the wedding gown and suit to eliminate wrinkles.
Store the attire in garment bags to keep them in pristine condition.


1 Week Before your flight to Paris:

Double-Check Accessories:
Verify that all accessories, including jewelry, veils, and rings, are in perfect condition.
Pack these items securely for transport to Paris.



Make sure your vows are ready.

Emergency Kit:
Prepare a wedding day emergency kit with items like safety pins, wet wipes, stain remover, and migraine pills.
Include a lint roller and a small mirror for any last-minute touch-ups.

Weather-Appropriate Attire:
Check the weather forecast for Paris and make any necessary adjustments to the attire (e.g., shawls, umbrellas) based on
the expected conditions.


You arrived in Paris! Day Before the Elopement:

Final Attire Check:
Ensure that the wedding attire is steamed or pressed and ready for the next day.
Double-check that all accessories, such as jewelry, veils, and headpieces, are in their designated places.

Emergency Kit:
Confirm that the wedding day emergency kit is packed and includes essentials like safety pins, some cash because restrooms are not free, stain remover, and any specific items for the wedding attire.

Double-Check Documents:
Leave all your valuable items like passports in your hotel room. Bring only the most necessary stuff like your phones.

Pack for the Day:
Prepare a bag with essentials for the wedding day, including a change of shoes, touch-up makeup, and any personal items needed throughout the day.

Hair and Makeup:
Wash and blowdry your hair the night before. Face mask and lip balm before going to bed.
Double-check that all beauty products are packed for touch-ups.

Relaxation Time:
Take a few moments for quiet reflection or relaxation before the ceremony.
Stay calm and savor the anticipation of the special day.

Go to bed early, and please, no alcohol!

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