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Planning your elopement is like creating a masterpiece that reflects you and your partner. One big brushstroke in this masterpiece is choosing the colors and style that shout "you." We've made a cool quiz to help you figure out the perfect style and colors for your big day.


Imagine your dream vacation, your favorite outfit, the flowers you love, and where you'd like to say "I do." This quiz is all about those things to reveal the wedding style and colors that match your personality.


Question 1: Apart from your Paris wedding trip, what's your ideal vacation destination?

a. A beach resort with crystal-clear blue waters and white sand.

b. A charming European city known for its romantic ambiance.

c. Lush, tropical rainforests with vibrant greenery and exotic wildlife.

d. A snowy mountain retreat with pristine white landscapes.

e. A bustling and vibrant city with a diverse and lively atmosphere.

Question 2: Choose your dream wardrobe:

a. Light and flowy fabrics, jeans, hoodies

b. Elegant dresses in soft colors.

c. Simple, classic attire with touches of modern in accessories.

d. Timeless and sophisticated, very formal.

e. Bold and colorful outfits with a mix of vibrant hues.

Question 3: What's your favorite flower?

a. Delicate blue hydrangeas.

b. Soft pink roses and peonies.

c. Fresh white lilies.

d. Pure white orchids.

e. A mix of vibrant and eclectic blooms.

Question 4: Choose your dream home:
a. A serene beach house with the sound of waves in the background.
b. A cozy house with a garden with blooming flowers and twinkling lights.
c. A minimalist rooftop with panoramic city views.
d. A snowy wonderland surrounded by mountains.
e. A lively and artistic urban penthouse with bold decor.

Question 6: Describe your couple's personality:

a. Adventurous and spontaneous, always up for trying new things.

b. Romantic and affectionate, cherishing quiet moments together.

c. Practical and grounded, focusing on stability and shared goals.

d. Elegant and refined, valuing sophistication and cultural experiences.

e. Playful and lively, finding joy in laughter and shared interests.



Mostly A's: Light Blue Elopement Palette - Your calm and serene personality aligns perfectly with the soothing shades of blue, creating a tranquil and dreamy elopement atmosphere.


Mostly B's: Pink and Blush Elopement Palette - Your romantic and elegant style is beautifully reflected in the soft pinks and blush tones, creating a timeless and enchanting elopement.


Mostly C's: Green and White Elopement Palette - Your love for simplicity and nature makes the green and white palette an ideal choice, creating a fresh and classic elopement ambiance.


Mostly D's: All White Elopement Palette - Your timeless and sophisticated taste calls for an all-white palette, creating a pure and elegant elopement atmosphere with a touch of luxury.


Mostly E's: Colorful Elopement Palette - Your vibrant and lively personality shines through in a colorful palette, creating a fun and energetic elopement celebration bursting with personality.

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