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Happily eloped in Paris


General information

You and bae might be joyfully engaged, yet discovering the ideal wedding celebration style can pose a bit of a challenge. At times, even the most inseparable couples may encounter a bit of turbulence in their love story... even in paradise! Discover the charm of elopement, tailored for couples like yours.


Explore the couples that elopement is made for and see if you are one of them.



Introverted lovebirds and for them, eloping is like hitting the relationship jackpot. No need to navigate the overwhelming spotlight of a bustling crowd. No need to go through reading your vows in front of 200 guests. Instead,  a quiet and intimate escape. Just the two of them, exchanging vows without the pressure of an audience that could fill a small stadium. It's a dreamy scenario where the focus is solely on their connection, and the only eyes watching are the stars above. Elopement becomes their personalized love story, away from the hustle and bustle, creating memories as unique as their bond.

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Love, privacy, and elopements that feel tailor-made for introverted romance

Eloping allows them to exchange vows in a serene setting, surrounded only by the people who matter most – each other.



Couples can focus on their love, not emails and calls

Busy couples who find themselves pressed for time may opt to elope as a simpler, quicker way to say "I do" without the extensive planning involved in a larger celebration. Choosing to elope in Paris can be a dream come true for couples who are short on time. Easy planning: elopement can be planned in just 3-4 weeks, making it stress-free for couples. Less planning, more romance.

Why stress over managing a big celebration and spend countless hours when you can have an all-inclusive package that's basically a party in a box? Imagine the time you save from not going on an endless Google quest, sliding into Instagram DMs, and playing the "is this the one" game with multiple vendors. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. During a big wedding planning you chat with 5-6 different professionals just to find THE ONE who's not only available but also vibes perfectly with your wedding dreams. Now, add some venue searching, ceremony planning, and top it off with a pinch of logistics madness. Spoiler alert: big wedding planning it's not as fun as it sounds.

Elopement is a magic wand.! You get all your wedding vendors in one place. No more endless emails, no more timeline nightmares. It's like planning a party with your favorite superheroes, effortless, exciting, and guaranteed to save the day (and your sanity)!


You both feel safe and secure in the relationship and you know what

you want from your wedding day



Grab your map (or not) and let the city unfold its adventures

Adventurous duos choose elopements because, well, they're the ultimate thrill-seekers. Forget the traditional stuff; they want to say "I do" in wild, jaw-dropping places. Where it's just them and Paris having a front-row seat. It's like a love adventure with no script, full of surprises and spontaneous I love yous. For these couples, eloping isn't just a ceremony, it's a crazy, fun adventure. Who needs ordinary when you can have extraordinary, right?


Eloping in Paris is like hitting the ultimate romantic two-for-one deal, not only do you get a dreamy wedding, but your honeymoon kicks off right there in the city of love.

So, there you have it, the wonderful world of eloping couples! Whether you're the adventurous duo seeking thrills, the romantic dreamers envisioning a private moment in the heart of Paris, or the time-strapped lovebirds opting for simplicity, elopements are perfect to every love story.

So, which elopement adventure suits you best? It's time to pick your love vibe!



1. How do you feel about being the center of attention as a couple?
- A) Love it! We crave the spotlight.
- B) It's okay in small doses.
- C) No way! We prefer to stay low-key.

2. What's your ideal wedding planning scenario?
- A) Months of meticulous planning and details.
- B) Some planning, but not too time-consuming.
- C) Minimal planning – let's keep it simple.

3. How do you envision your wedding day?
- A) Grand and extravagant: big venue, a floral arch and white swans
- B) Elegant and intimate, we love to share this moment with our closest family and friends and have fun together.
- C) Adventurous and unique. We are planning to get super stylish outfits and have an epic photoshoot with just the two of us

4. How important is a traditional wedding venue to you?
- A) Very important – the more traditional, the better.
- B) Somewhat important, but flexible.
- C) Not important at all – we're open to anything.

5. How do you handle stress?
- A) Well, we thrive under pressure.
- B) We manage, but prefer to avoid unnecessary stress.
- C) We actively avoid stressful situations because life is about balance.

6. What's your preferred way to spend free time together?
- A) Attending social events and parties.
- B) Enjoying a quiet evening at home with the pets, cooking together.
- C) Exploring new places and trying new activities.

7. How much time can you dedicate to wedding planning?
- A) A significant amount – it's a priority.
- B) Some time, but not too much.
- C) Very little – we're busy.

8. How important is it for you to have a large guest list?
- A) Extremely important – the more, the merrier.
- B) Somewhat important, but not a deal-breaker.
- C) Not important – we prefer a small, intimate gathering. Ideally, just me and you

9. What's your dream wedding destination?
- A) Classic and traditional location.
- B) Romantic city or picturesque setting.
- C) Exotic destination, we want our wedding to be unique.

10. How do you define the success of a wedding?
- A) The more extravagant, the better.
- B) A balance of elegance and personal touch.
- C) The experience and memories created.




- Mostly A's: A traditional wedding at home with family and friends might be perfect for you.
- Mostly B's: Consider eloping for a more intimate experience, doing a romantic ceremony at the Eiffel Tower with your loved ones
- Mostly C's: Eloping could be the adventurous and stress-free choice for your couple! Choose something unique and epic like Tuileries Gardens.

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