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Our wedding package is all set for a special day for

just the two of you or up to 10 guests

elopement 1.jpg




For €1,499 we offer a fully coordinated elopement package, complete with photography, hair and makeup for the bride, champagne, and an officiant! Everything essential for your intimate Parisian wedding is thoughtfully bundled into one easy price. All taxes are included in the price.

We are booking Mondays to Saturdays up to 6 months out.

Full package price: €1,499

Deposit to book a date: €250 by Paypal and a signed contract

The balance is due 1-3 days before your wedding via Paypal


Additional expenses to expect: bridal bouquet and taxi.
Please note that the elopement package does not include transportation services. The couple is responsible for arranging their own transportation (taxi, uber). A bridal bouquet is also not included in the package. If desired, couples are welcome to arrange their own bouquet.



your planners.png

As your elopement planners, we'll carefully design your special day in Paris just for you. We handle all the details, from timeline to photography, hair and makeup, champagne, and officiant. On the big day, we'll be there with you, ensuring everything runs smoothly, so you can focus on each other.  If you send us a message, Helene will be in touch with you.

Helene is responsible for planning (email), she is not present during the wedding day:
Initial emails, discuss the concept of eloping, and gather information from the couple
Answer all the questions you might have via email
Source and coordinate with vendors such as photographer, officiants, makeup and hair
Manage your booking, accept the deposit and send a contract
Book all the vendors
Place orders and schedule deliveries for certificates
Develop a detailed elopement timeline outlining key moments and activities
Keep the couple informed about the planning progress and any decisions that need to be made
Develop contingency plans for unexpected situations, such as adverse weather conditions
Provide the couple with information on potential challenges and solutions

Marfa or Olga are responsible for everything that happens during the wedding day and ceremony:
Create a group WhatsApp chat some days before the elopement
Arrive at the ceremony venue in advance to check the location
Help with Uber/taxi coordinates and meet the guests
Officiate the wedding ceremony, leading the couple and guests through the planned script Communicate and coordinate with other wedding vendors, such as photographer, to ensure a smooth flow of the ceremony
Handle any unforeseen issues or challenges that may arise on the elopement day



Our Officiants not only create your perfect script


But also help during the ceremony so you can enjoy the day

Our English-speaking officiant is delighted to preside over your symbolic ceremony, whether it's for a wedding, vow renewal, or same-sex celebration. Please note that as a tourist, legal marriages in France are not permitted. However, rest assured that the symbolic ceremony is beautiful and very sweet! Our officiant will create a heartfelt and touching experience, making your special day in Paris an unforgettable celebration of love and togetherness. We speak English only.

If you are curious, here is a blank example of our ceremony script:


For our ceremonies in public places, we ask not to bring unsustainable items such as rose petals, confetti, fake butterflies, as well as live or Bluetooth music, or other decorations. We advocate for a "leave no trace" elopement in Paris, emphasizing genuine love, respect for the city and its residents, and responsible planning. Keep in mind that outdoor spaces are public!

We do not provide any decorations or flowers for ceremony as well, because it is not legal and we do not want to have any problems with the police and we ask your guests also not not bring anything like confetti.

Guests for your ceremony:


For the two of you


With up to 4 guests


From 5 to 10 guests,

€190 additional

The ceremony is symbolic and we do not need any documents or your marriage license. But here is what to bring to your Paris ceremony:

1. Your wedding rings if you'd like to exchange them.

2. Vow books with your written vows inside. You can get your personalized vow books online. Vows are optional, we understand that some more introverted couples prefer not to read them and it's totally fine. We just ask if you plan to read your vows, you bring them in a pretty vow book, and don't read them from your phone notes. Every detail is important!

3. Personalized champagne glasses are optional, you can always use our default glasses. But they are classic, and for those couple who want something extra, that is an idea to think about.

4. Bridal bouquet. We do not provide any flowers, but you are welcome to order your artificial bouquet online and bring it, or visit a local florist in Paris and get one if you prefer fresh flowers. But if you are going to a local flower shop in Paris, make sure you do that the day before, and never the morning of elopement day, because you will have zero time.



We offer one bottle of French Champagne


And you can bring your own personalised glasses

To add a touch of celebration to your elopement, we are thrilled to offer a complimentary champagne bottle. It's our way of toasting to your love and marking this extraordinary moment in the City of Love. Cheers to love and new beginnings!



We offer two pre-made fixed location sets for your elopement. You can take a look on our Instagram highlights, we analyzed every set with real life videos.

Please choose one of them for your celebration:


The Eiffel set: Eiffel Tower by the river ceremony plus 1 hour photoshoot around Eiffel Tower


The Louvre set: Tuileries Gardens ceremony plus 1 hour photoshoot around the Louvre

To avoid crowds, all our elopements are planned exclusively during the early morning.

You can take a closer look here to read about the timeline for each month.

But to give you some info on how we work:

For the Eiffel set: the makeup and hair artist arrives at your place 2,5-3 hours before sunrise, then you take a taxi and travel to the Eiffel Tower so that we can begin the ceremony at sunrise. After the ceremony, you take some photos around the Eiffel Tower. And if you booked additional locations, you visit them as well.

For the Louvre set: the makeup and hair artist arrives at your place 2,5-3 hours before sunrise, then you take a taxi and travel to the Louvre to begin the photoshoot. If you booked other locations we do them first. And the ceremony will be the last part of your day, usually, it's around 9-10 AM. Because Tuileries open later and we need to start taking photos right at sunrise.



Our photographer Maria ( and her work


Our photo and video professional Sou ( always makes sure you look your best

In our elopement package, we have a 1,5-hour photography from one of our talented photographers depending on who is available.


At Paris Elopement Package, we take pride in delivering a simple and great experience to our clients. One of the ways we achieve this is by maintaining a consistent editing style across all the incredible photographers on our team. This means that, no matter which photographer you choose, you can expect a visually cohesive and stunning final product. Consistency is not just about adhering to a set of rules, it's about creating a recognizable brand and ensuring that our clients receive the quality they expect from us. When you book a photographer with us, you're not just booking an individual, but a commitment to a specific aesthetic and level of quality. So no matter who you book, Maria or Sou, after the editing the result will be very close, regardless of the lens behind the camera:


Our photographers are dedicated to capturing every exquisite detail, from the heartfelt ceremony to cherished family moments and intimate portraits. With their artistic eye and expertise, they capture every detail from ceremony to family photos and portraits.

How do our photographers work? Easy:

1. A couple of days before the wedding, you can discuss the final details and send 2-3 inspo photos to your photographer in our Whatsapp group chat.

2. On the wedding day, you meet at your ceremony location directly. The photographer does not come to your hotel.

3. The photographer takes ceremony photos and then group family photos if you have guests invited.

4. After the ceremony, you visit all the expected locations with your photographer and work as planned.

5. When the photoshoot is over, the photographer edits your gallery in the Paris Elopement Package style, so it has our signature look and editing. They do not provide any RAWs to the client.

6. You receive your photos in 30 business days via Google Drive.


Following the session, you'll receive a total of 40 professionally edited photos, showcasing the essence of your special day in Paris. Beautifully edited photos will be ready within 30 business days, so you can relive those cherished moments and share them with loved ones for a lifetime.

There is one popular question that couples ask us: can someone record a video of our ceremony? And as much as we understand that these memories are super important, the photographer is fully occupied during the ceremony, and does not have any additional mental capacity to also shoot ceremony videos with someone's phone. So if you want your ceremony to be recorded, please give a phone to your guests. If you don't have any guests invited, please bring a tripod and a GoPro or something like that. If you're interested in having a video, we recommend bringing a GoPro or setting up a tripod to capture specific moments. But that is your own full responsibility. The same goes with Zoom calls or IG lives during ceremonies to call the families. If you plan to do something like that, it is your full responsibility to arrange everything, bring and set a tripod and have an internet connection.


Meet Yana (, our talented makeup artist who excels in both hair and makeup services. With her artistic flair and skillful techniques, she can create a wide range of styles and looks to match your unique preferences. Whether you envision a classic and elegant appearance or something more bold and contemporary, Yana can bring your vision to life flawlessly.

For your hair, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of styles, including curls, straightening, half-up, updo, or a beautiful blow-out.

Additionally, our makeup service offers a classic makeup look, enhanced with the option of faux lashes for added glamour.

Top 3 hairstyles for your elopement day by Yana:


A sleek bun


Romantic hollywood waves


Classic updo

Our hair and makeup artist will travel to your location (hotel or Airbnb) in Paris. Please note that if your hotel is out of Paris, she charges an additional EUR 100 for travel fees. We include only 1 hair and makeup for the bride herself. If some guests would like to have something done as well, please ask them to book a separate artist.

makeuo and hair.jpg

Yana does both hair and makeup, her style is very natural and her makeup is never heavy. She enhances your natural beauty!


To keep costs low, this package does not include a driver or any transportation for the couple. However, you have the flexibility to travel to your chosen locations using Uber or traditional taxi services. This allows you to explore the city at your own pace and enjoy the journey together. We help with GPS and directions.


Here is some inspo on how our previous clients styled their Paris Elopement Package:

1. Veronica and Mason, our couple from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who wanted to plan a rustic boho-inspired elopement, check their full gallery here:


Tuileries ceremony


Flowy bridal hair


Light blue details

2. Paul and Carlos, lawyers from San Francisco, who played with style and fashion, check their full gallery here:


Eiffel Tower ceremony

wearing formal tuxedos


Casual attire for ther second location


And pink suits for cafe shot

3. Food and coffee lovers Rose and Noel had a magazine-worthy wedding, check their full gallery here:


Cozy cafe vibes


Elegant ceremony


Trocadero kisses

4. The most romantic cotton candy elopement for Rachael and Paul in blush tones, check their full gallery here:


Sunrise ceremony


Delicate bridal shots


And iconic spots in Paris


Are you interested? We are sure that you are because Paris is the most beautiful city in the world, that's not even a question to think about. Paris is just the best. Pure romance. To better know our team and to prepare for your elopement, please visit our planning page and read the articles. And take a look at the gallery to explore our work. If you decide to work with us, please fill out the form on our website, we will answer in 48 hours (but usually less).

Please note that we are booking only Mondays to Saturdays up to 6 months out.

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