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Destination elopement can be difficult when you begin. Especially when it comes to finding the perfect vendors to bring your dream wedding to life. At Paris Elopement Package, we understand the challenges couples face in planning their special day. To make the process easy, we have collaborated with the best wedding vendors in Paris to create an easy package!

With our package, you can trust our expertise.

Let's meet!


Get ready to meet the planner Helene! She's the creative mastermind behind this amazing package, bringing together her hand-picked team of vendors that she's closely collaborated with for over a decade. These vendors are not just professionals, they're like family to her! Helene has always gone the extra mile for her elopement clients, and now she's taken it a step further by bundling them all into one fantastic, all-inclusive elopement package. How cool is that? With Helene at the helm, planning your dream elopement in the City of Romance has never been more easy.

"As your elopement fairy godmother, I'll work my magic and book all the fantastic vendors for your dream day. With my years of close collaboration and trust with these talented professionals, I've crafted a team that's pure magic! Together, we'll create the perfect timeline, ensuring every moment is filled with joy. Let's make your Paris elopement an unforgettable fairy tale!" - Helene, Your Elopement Fairy Godmother

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Meet Helene

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Meet Maria


Meet Maria, your talented Paris elopement photographer, who is an part of our all-inclusive package. She is From Ukraine and lives in Paris. With a passion for storytelling through her lens, Maria's approach to photography is nothing short of magical. Her philosophy revolves around capturing genuine emotions and authentic moments, creating a timeless love story.

Maria's specialty is bringing out the true emotions and connections between couples.

When it comes to photography, Maria is like a stealthy ninja with a camera! Her ability to capture candid and spontaneous moments is impressive. You'll often find her hiding behind bushes or peeking from corners, ready to snap the perfect shot without anyone even noticing. Her fun and adventurous spirit bring an extra spark of excitement to every photo session.


Meet Sou, our amazing wedding photographer living in Paris. He's got this incredible vision for capturing love in the most beautiful way. Sou's French charm and keen sense of style make him the perfect guy to snap your elopement moments. With his camera, he turns every scene into a work of art, blending the magic of Paris with your unique love story.

Sou's passion and attention to detail ensure your elopement photos are not just pictures but timeless memories filled with grace and a touch of that chic Parisian vibe.


Meet Sou


Introducing the fabulous Yana, our talented makeup artist extraordinaire! With a touch of her magic brushes and a sprinkle of fairy dust, she can transform you into the most stunning version of yourself. Yana's passion for makeup artistry shines through in every stroke, making you feel confident and radiant on your special day. Her friendly and warm personality will put you at ease, creating a fun and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how brides work with our talented makeup artist Yana:

1. To start, we'll arrange a personalized text chat with our makeup artist, Yana. During this session, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your vision and preferences for your wedding look.

2. On your elopement day, Yana will arrive fully equipped with her magic makeup kit. She'll work her wonders, transforming you into the stunning vision you've envisioned.

What is included in the package: travel fee to your hotel in Paris, classic bridal makeup, classic hairstyle without any extensions. Individual falsies. While our standard hair package includes hairstyling, it does not include any hair accessories such as veils, or tiaras.


Meet Yana

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Meet Marfa


Allow us to introduce you to the wonderful Marfa, your ceremony officiant! With a heart full of warmth and a genuine passion for love stories, Marfa crafts heartfelt ceremonies that will leave you and your partner brimming with joy. Her friendly and approachable nature instantly puts couples at ease, creating a relaxed and intimate atmosphere during the ceremony.


Marfa takes the time to get to know you both, ensuring that your vows and promises are beautifully woven into a tapestry of love and commitment. Your elopement ceremony in Paris will be a moment you'll treasure forever, thanks to Marfa's heartfelt words and radiant energy. Get ready to say "I do" with pure happiness, guided by Marfa's thoughtful and caring presence on your special day!

"Love and laughter are the perfect blend for a lifelong adventure! So, let's tie the knot and embark on this wild rollercoaster ride of love, romance and happily ever after!" - Marfa, Your Ceremony Officiant


Let's meet the sweetest Olga, your ceremony officiant! With a heart full of love and a radiant smile, Olga brings a touch of warmth and joy to every elopement ceremony. Her genuine passion for celebrating love stories shines through in her heartfelt words and personalized approach. Olga's friendly and kind demeanor instantly creates an intimate and comfortable atmosphere during your special moment.

On your elopement day, Olga arrives with a radiant smile and a calming presence. She is there to support and guide you every step of the way, allowing you to relax and embrace the joy of the moment.


Meet Olga

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